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The value of transparency

Our sourcing and manufacturing philosophy

Raw natural fibres from Nepal

Our environment has blessed us with an abundance of natural resources and human capacity has developed ways to use those resources and turn them into clothes that allow us to express who we are. At KIND HUMANKIND we also believe in working towards helping extend the same standards of living we want for ourselves for those who are working hard to provide us with the products that we consume.

The way we shop for clothes is having a negative impact on our environment, in the quality of the air people breathe and in the less favourable conditions, people are compelled to work under. To cheaply supply the demand for the eye-watering amounts of synthetic clothes that we consume. The clothes we wear today have a massive carbon footprint and not surprisingly, many of those garments end up all the way in Africa. Yes! I said Africa. Synthetic fibers are essentially plastic and plastic as we all know doesn’t go away for a very long time. For that reason, when most of us no longer wish to keep a piece of clothing we donate it. And most of us feel like this is an act of kindness and in part we are right. But perhaps we have been too kind because only 10% of the items that are donated to thrift shops are sold. The excess of unwanted clothes is then passed on to African countries and as it turns out some of those African countries are struggling to absorb the number of clothing donations. The influx of cheap second-hand clothing is destroying their local textile industry and it has also created an issue of excess waste. Now that we are clear that we are harming our environment and societies across the world, one impulse-buy at a time, there has never been a better time to evaluate our relationship with clothes.

KIND HUMANKIND was born from a desire to offer conscious consumers the opportunity to make a well-informed purchase decision. Our mission is to transparently produce ethically-made clothes for a reasonable and accessible price. We hope that by sharing more details about our clothing manufacturing process with our customers, it will help them gain a better understanding of the clothing manufacturing process. When we are able to appreciate our clothes better, hopefully, we won’t discard them so easily. Perhaps then we will learn how to mend it when it’s damaged and love it even when it gets old. Because let’s be frank here – There is nothing wrong with wearing the same clothes every day (as long as they are clean, they are fine with me). Seriously, simplify your life by buying good honest clothes that will last.

Our label produces only biodegradable natural fibers. We provide our consumers information regarding country of origin for raw material, weaving and manufacturing facts. We also ensure that our manufacturing partners provide a safe working environment and livable wages for the workers. We connect and learn from these amazing artisans and we are committed to getting our consumers involved so that there can be an understanding of the value that their work brings into our lives. We hope to inspire more people to support our label, not only because of the products we make but because we want to support the beautiful people of Nepal. The kindest way for consumers to make a direct positive and empowering impact on the lives of workers in developing nations is via trade.  Join this fashion revolution and start investing in the changes you want to see in the world.

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