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Terms & Conditions

Shipping Information

At this stage, we are only able to accommodate shipping with a set price for Australia and New Zealand.

However, we are more than happy to accommodate your shipping requests should you wish to make a purchase in our online store from outside of Australia and New Zealand. International customers are responsible for shipping, customs/import taxes and any additional charges within their own country. Prices are shown in Australian dollars (AUD) and are inclusive of tax.

Shipping costs are AUD20, for purchases less than AUD400.

Shipping costs are FREE for purchases of AUD400 or more.


You can pay using: PayPal, Visa or MasterCard

Returns Policy


If for any reason you are not pleased with our products, we accept returns within 30 days of purchase and we will refund your purchase cost. The products must be in original condition, unworn, unused, and with original tags attached. Refunds will be issued using the same payment method as the original purchase. You may return items by posting them back to us. Please kindly include your sales receipt with your return. If you would like to have a product replaced or exchanged for a different item, you will need to place a new online order and products can only be replaced according to stock availability. Once your new online order is placed and we have received your returned item, we will issue a refund for the original value of the returned item. Returns are processed within three business days of being received. Transaction period of all refunded amounts depends on the customer’s payment provider and may take up to five business days. Refunds processed via PayPal can only be processed during business hours: Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm. KIND HUMANKIND is not responsible for following up bank transaction requests on customer’s behalf. We kindly ask you to consider the carbon footprint of returns and exchanges. We encourage you to pass on our product to a friend or a family member. Please do let us know that you passed on one of our products and we kindly ask you to tell us why. We will hear your valued feedback and we promise to make it up to you in our next collection. Let’s give this new approach to returns and exchanges a try. Our world deserves a new way of thinking when it comes to they way we shop for clothes.

Faulty items

We carefully inspect every item prior to shipping it out and in particular knitwear items, pass through multiple levels of stringent quality control. To avoid any disappointment, please make sure to remove any sharp edged jewelry, stay away from pets and any surfaces that might damage the knit.

Changes to placed orders

Your order can only be changed up to the point it is dispatched. Please contact us ASAP via email if you wish to change your order.

Sales policy

This is where things get interesting at KIND HUMANKIND. Our company policy is counter the most common sales practices widely used in the fashion industry. We never have sales. Why? Because we believe that in order to truly practice a new way of a kinder and slower fashion, we need to take into consideration the manufacturing capacity of our partner factories. Once our products are ready, we price them with transparency and fairness. Our garments are also trans-seasonal and not based on fast passing trends, allowing us to produce timeless pieces that never go out of style. And if, for whatever reason, we fail to move our stock, we prefer to donate our goods to the people of Nepal instead of encouraging consumers to buy something made with a lot of thought and good intention just for the sake of getting a good deal. The aim of our company is more than just selling clothes. KIND HUMANKIND aims to produce clothes with kindness and ethics and, in addition, we aim to share information with our customers to help them become better-informed conscious consumers.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is a matter that we care deeply about at KIND HUMANKIND. We would like you to know that you are safe to visit our website and that we will not pass any information that you have provided to us to any other party outside of KIND HUMANKIND, ever. All of the content displayed on KIND HUMANKIND’s website is subjected to copyright.


If you find yourself visiting an area of our site to which you are not required to login in order to read, browse or download information, our program may record the date and time of your visit, the pages visited and any information downloaded. Our program will not record any information that would identify you personally without consent. Any private data that you submit to our site will only be used for the following purposes:


Data obtained to help in managing client and business relationships. Such as online registrations, product and customer service feedback. We may also use the data collected to notify you about changes to our site, and to inform you of services, opportunities and special events that we believe you could be interested in. You can trust us in the fact that we know how backwards direct emails are, so believe us when we tell you that if we feel the need to bother you with pushing info, it is our duty to make it worth your time. We may also use such data send you information about our projects and partners, possibly third parties, however, if such partnership does occur, we will send you the information without giving a third party any information about you.


What we want to make clear is that we do not intend to ever pass on your information, however, it may come a time where it may be necessary for KIND HUMANKIND to disclose your information to third parties. However, this disclosure will only occur in the following circumstances:

-To our own employees, plus contractors and agents

We may employ or engage other companies and individuals to perform functions on our behalf. Instances may include administrative purposes associated with our business’s practices. Such parties will have access to only that personal data required by them to perform their functions, and may not use such data for any other purposes.


-With your consent


-Where required by law

In general, KIND HUMANKIND is very sensitive to this kind of request, so our customers can be certain that if such requests do come, our first reaction will be to protect your data first. However, when obliged by the law, we may be forced to disclose your personal information. In such circumstances, we will only hand over your date if subpoenaed by a Court of Law. We also reserve the right to choose to disclose your information to law enforcement agencies under the circumstances pronounced in the National Privacy Principles and other applicable laws and regulations, including for the purpose of investigating alleged contraventions of the law.



KIND HUMANKIND makes use of “cookies” to enable our site to interact with your browser so as to provide you with better service and a more effective site and efficient browsing experience. “Cookies” are small bits of data stored by your browser on your computers hard drive. Cookies are used to maintain session information between your browser and our application and are required for KIND HUMANKIND’s application to operate. Our server can later retrieve these cookies if you visit our site again. We allocate a cookie to each Internet browser that visits our site. This cookie does not allow KIND HUMANKIND’s site to collect personally identifiable information about you. Cookies are only used as a fast-tracking tool, remembering only generic information about the browser. Please be advised that our web server uses this cookie in order to: To allocate a unique identification number to your Internet browser; To identify pages you have accessed on our site to determine if you have previously visited our site. If you wish to make full use of KIND HUMANKIND’s website, you should configure your browser to accept our cookies. Our site also uses cookies for its secure services such as its online payment and registration. It is necessary for you to configure your browser to accept cookies if you wish to use these services.


IP address

KIND HUMANKIND’s web servers collect your IP address to help diagnose problems with our service, to administer our site, and to collect broad demographic data. Demographic data is collected in aggregate only and cannot be traced back to an individual user.


Off-site links

KIND HUMANKIND may provide links to other sites. KIND HUMANKIND is however not responsible for the privacy policies or content of these sites. Your activity on those sites is covered by the privacy policies on those sites.


User feedback

KIND HUMANKIND welcomes and values your feedback to all aspects of our site. Your valuable feedback insights are used to improve KIND HUMANKIND’s operations, and, at times, may be shared with our partners either in aggregate form or with specific identifying characteristics such as name or email address removed. We may also use the feedback you have provided us to improve or promote our site. We will refrain from revealing your personal information when doing so.




Syndicated content

KIND HUMANKIND syndicates its content to and distributes its content via, other sites on the Internet. Please be advised that your activity on these sites is covered by the privacy policy of the site in question.


Deleted and unsubscribed information


Personal information storage

Your personal information is stored on a computer server located in New South Wales, Australia. We do the best we can and we employ the best secure system that is affordable and available to us in order to keep our server secure and free from unauthorised access and use. Regrettably, no server on the Internet or any data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. Despite our best efforts to keep our server and systems secure, we are unable to guarantee with certainty that an unauthorised invader will never access our server. We can assure you that we will take all reasonable steps to keep secure any information that we hold about you. But in the unlikely event of a security breach, we are not to be in any form, held responsible for events arising from unauthorised access to such information. In addition, we are not responsible for informing you of a security breach in case such unauthorised access occurs.


User update information

If you wish to change, delete or modify information previously provided to us, please contact us via email with your updated information request.



Please be advised that all content in KIND HUMANKIND’s website are subjected to copyright under the Copyright Act 1968 (Commonwealth of Australia) and through numerous international treaties and agreements under the laws of other countries. Unless expressly stated to the contrary, KIND HUMANKIND owns the copyright in or is otherwise entitled or licensed to reproduce all the material on this website. Other than for the purpose of the Copyright Act 1968 (Commonwealth of Australia), or is otherwise listed below, no material found on this website may not be copied, altered, reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transferred without the prior written permission from KIND HUMANKIND’s proprietors.


An individual may copy material on this website:

  • To store copies of the material on a computer for private and non-commercial viewing; and/or
  • To make use of our content on social media only to promote our brand and our content may not be used in any conjunction with any pejorative terms, alterations, edits or language that may negatively impact our brand. All KIND HUMANKIND’s content shared on social media MUST contain information that identifies our branding such as logo, website address, hashtags and etc.)


  • To print copies of the material for a non-commercial purpose, provided that the material is attributed to the KIND HUMANKIND brand and maintains all marks and logos of KIND HUMANKIND’s ownership and it must include this notice:
  • “The material on this website has been created by KIND HUMANKIND in good faith from sources believed to be reliable and accurate at the time of preparation. KIND HUMANKIND has used its best efforts to ensure that the material is correct and current at the time of publication and that the material is free from computer viruses or other faults and/or defects that could damage any other device.”


The material on this website has been created by KIND HUMANKIND in good faith from sources believed to be reliable and accurate at the time of preparation. KIND HUMANKIND has used its best efforts to ensure that the material is correct and current at the time of publication and that the material is free from computer viruses or other faults and/or defects that could damage any other device. KIND HUMANKIND does not guarantee or warrant the currency, accuracy and or reliability of the information. Any type of information obtained at our website should not be used without checking appropriate sources and/or obtaining permission when required. Please be advised that all content from KIND HUMANKIND is subjected to copyright. KIND HUMANKIND may not be held liable for any loss, damages, costs or expenses sustained from the use of information that was provided us. All users of our site are now properly advised of all the provisions stated in our PRIVACY POLICY.

Security Policy

When purchasing from our KIND HUMANKIND’s online store, your financial details are passed through a secure server using the latest 256-bit SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption technology.