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May 8, 2019 The Economy of Kindness

Social entrepreneurs are entering the market with the ambition to achieve more than just profit. They are after what is called the triple bottom line – one that is concerned with positive gains in profit, people and planet. Revolutionising the market with the refreshing mentality of ‘just because we can

May 6, 2019 The Magic Healing Powers of Natural Fibres

A new field of studies has emerged in the textile industry that focuses on measuring the frequency (energy) of fibres. In 2003 doctor Heidi Yellen set out to measure the frequency of the most popular fibres used in the textile industry. According to the study, the human body has a

March 1, 2019 The Journey

“Everything is possible in Nepal!  The people need all the help they can get.” And just like that, a new path emerged and here we are, knee deep in this quest called KIND HUMANKIND.